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    “ISRO’s Key Role: Helping Japan’s SLIM Achieve a Precise Moon Landing”


    ISRO's Crucial Role in Japan's Historic Moon Landing with SLIM

    Japan’s recent achievement in successfully landing its Smart Lander for Investigating Moon (SLIM) on the lunar surface has not only marked a historic milestone for the country but has also highlighted the significant contributions from international space agencies. Among the collaborators, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) played a vital role, as revealed in a tweet shared on the official SLIM X handle.

    Japan now stands as the fifth country, after the US, China, Russia, and India, to achieve a soft landing on the Moon. The dedicated SLIM X handle on microblogging platform X has been actively sharing updates about the moon lander and its journey, including the crucial role played by various space agencies in ensuring SLIM’s success.

    In a recent tweet thread, the SLIM X handle acknowledged the international cooperation that made SLIM’s pinpoint lunar landing possible. ISRO’s contribution was specifically highlighted in the post, stating, “India’s ISRO also provided us with high-resolution observation data of the lunar surface from Chandrayaan-2, which was immensely helpful in selecting the final landing site for #SLIM.”

    The tweet, shared on January 30, has garnered significant attention, with close to 1.7 lakh views and over 2,200 likes. Netizens expressed appreciation for the collaborative efforts in space exploration, emphasizing a collective commitment to humanity’s better future.

    One X user commented, “We all work for humanity’s better future and prospects,” while others found the information intriguing and amazing. The post received positive reactions, with many users using thumbs-up emoticons to convey their approval.

    The tweet thread also highlighted the role of the American Space Agency NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, which provided substantial image data to aid SLIM in its mission.

    “The pinpoint landing of #SLIM would not have been possible without the international cooperation from these spacecraft. #JAXA will continue to develop technology and gather data to support the international community for all of our exploration in the future,” concluded the tweet, underscoring the importance of ongoing global collaboration in advancing space exploration.

    ISRO’s contribution, particularly through Chandrayaan-2’s high-resolution observation data, stands as a testament to the spirit of international cooperation, where space agencies unite to propel the frontiers of scientific discovery and exploration beyond Earth’s boundaries. The successful landing of SLIM adds another chapter to the collective achievements of nations in the realm of space exploration.

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