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    Japan’s PM Urges America: “Don’t Doubt Yourself, the World Needs You”


    During a historic address to the US Congress, Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio delivered a resounding plea to Americans, emphasizing the crucial role of the United States in global affairs and urging against self-doubt. The address, occurring amidst heightened geopolitical tensions and a shifting international landscape, underscored Japan’s commitment to bolstering its alliance with the US while addressing pressing global challenges.

    In his speech, Prime Minister Kishida highlighted the indispensable nature of American leadership in shaping the postwar international order, promoting freedom, democracy, and fostering stability and prosperity worldwide, including in Japan. He expressed concerns about a perceived undercurrent of self-doubt among Americans regarding their global role, emphasizing that at a pivotal moment in history, the world relies on US leadership.

    A key focus of Prime Minister Kishida’s address was the escalating challenges posed by China’s external stance and military actions. He characterized China’s behavior as the “greatest strategic challenge” to regional and global peace and security. Kishida emphasized Japan’s unwavering commitment to upholding a free and open international order based on the rule of law, urging continued cooperation between the US and Japan to address these challenges effectively.

    Addressing the situation in Ukraine, Prime Minister Kishida drew parallels to the potential implications for East Asia, cautioning that developments in Ukraine today could mirror future challenges in the Indo-Pacific region. This message resonated with American lawmakers, particularly in light of ongoing debates over security assistance for Ukraine.

    Kishida also acknowledged Japan’s evolving national security strategy, including increased defense spending, cybersecurity measures, sanctions against Russia, and substantial aid to Ukraine. He emphasized Japan’s role as America’s “global partner” and highlighted collaborative efforts in regional frameworks like the Quad with Australia and India, as well as trilateral arrangements involving South Korea and the Philippines.

    Overall, Prime Minister Kishida’s address sought to strengthen the US-Japan alliance while encouraging a renewed sense of American leadership and engagement in global affairs. His remarks reflected Japan’s proactive approach to security challenges and underscored the importance of strong bipartisan support for international cooperation and stability.

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