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    Karnataka’s Anna Bhagya Scheme Launch May Face One-Month Delay: PWD Minister


    Karnataka’s Public Works Department (PWD) Minister, Satish Jarkiholi, has indicated that the implementation of the much-anticipated Anna Bhagya Scheme in the state may face a delay of one month. The scheme, which was scheduled to be rolled out on July 1, is encountering challenges due to the unavailability of the promised amount of rice by the Congress government.

    Concerns have been raised regarding the timely provision of an additional 5 kilograms of rice through the Anna Bhagya Scheme. Minister Jarkiholi acknowledged the current shortage and mentioned that alternative sources are being explored to secure the required quantity. However, he expressed the possibility of a one-month delay in the distribution of rice.

    The scheme, which was one of the five pre-poll guarantees announced by the Congress government, aims to provide an additional five kilograms of rice per person to families holding Below Poverty Line (BPL) cards, in addition to the existing five kilograms supplied by the central government. However, the availability of the required monthly supply of 2.3 million metric tonnes of rice remains uncertain.

    The Anna Bhagya Scheme, with an estimated additional requirement of approximately ₹10,000 crore per month, poses a significant financial challenge for the state. Initially, the Food Corporation of India (FCI) had agreed to supply the necessary quantity of rice. However, it later reversed its decision, leaving the state government to seek alternative sources, which have proven to be more expensive.

    The delay in the scheme’s launch raises concerns about its timely implementation and its impact on the intended beneficiaries. The state government continues its efforts to secure the required rice supply and remains hopeful of finding a viable solution.

    The Anna Bhagya Scheme, once implemented, aims to address food security issues and provide much-needed support to economically vulnerable families in Karnataka. However, with the current obstacles, it is crucial for the government to find immediate resolutions to ensure the smooth execution of the scheme.

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