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    “Manhunt Underway for Suspect in Maine Shooting Spree as Canada Issues Border Alert”


    "Manhunt Continues for Suspect in Maine Shooting Rampage as Canada Issues Alert"

    In the wake of a tragic shooting incident that claimed the lives of 18 people and left 13 others wounded in various locations across Maine, the search for the primary suspect, Robert Card, is ongoing. Authorities in both the United States and Canada are on high alert, with concerns about the suspect’s potential to elude capture.

    Robert Card, a 40-year-old firearms instructor with a background in the US Army Reserve, is at the center of the manhunt. He was reportedly assigned to a training facility in Saco, Maine, which has raised further concerns about his familiarity with the area.

    Card’s family’s longtime neighbor, Rick Goddard, expressed that the suspect is a seasoned deer hunter and is well-versed in the region. “It’s his stomping ground. I mean, he grew up here. He knows the area really well. He’s capable of hiding for a long time if he doesn’t want to be caught. There’s a lot of places you can be in the woods and never be seen,” said Goddard.

    The dense and thick woods in the area provide ample cover for someone attempting to evade law enforcement. These conditions make the search for Card a daunting task, as traditional search methods may not be effective.

    In response to the situation, the Canada Border Services Agency issued an “armed and dangerous” alert to officers stationed along the Canada-U.S. border. This alert aims to prevent the suspect from attempting to cross into Canadian territory.

    Robert Card’s troubled history also raises concerns. Reports indicate that he has grappled with mental health issues, including hearing voices and threats to carry out violence at the National Guard Base in Saco. Law enforcement has urged the public to provide information about Card’s whereabouts and has emphasized that he should be considered armed and dangerous.

    As the manhunt for Robert Card intensifies, communities remain on edge, with the hope that the suspect will be apprehended swiftly to prevent further harm.

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