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    “Mexico Church’s are selling Plot In Heaven “


    The internet was abuzz this week with sensational news about a church in Mexico allegedly selling plots of land in heaven. Influencers on TikTok popularized the story, and it was soon picked up by various mainstream media outlets. According to these reports, the Iglesia del Final de los Tiempos church had amassed millions of dollars through these heavenly land deals, promising believers a “spot in heaven.” However, the reality of the situation is far from what it seemed.

    The Iglesia del Final de los Tiempos is not an ordinary Evangelical church but a satirical organization known for mocking exploitative pastors. The church’s online presence, especially on social media, has gained popularity for its humorous take on religious grifting. The viral news story claimed that the starting price for these heavenly plots was $100 per square meter, with payment options including American Express, Apple Pay, and installment plans.

    The story quoted the church’s pastor, who claimed that he “spoke in 2017 to God” and received divine authorization to sell these plots. This fantastical narrative captivated social media users, leading to a flood of comments and shares.

    Reactions to the news were mixed, with many users expressing skepticism and amusement:

    • “I wish a pastor would try to sell me some land in heaven… I am going to send him there and tell him to FaceTime me so I can see what I’m buying,” one user commented.
    • “I need to know who donated so I can let them know I’m offering discounts on Land in heaven,” another remarked.
    • “Finessing in the name of the lord is diabolical,” a third user added.

    A quick search for the church reveals a Facebook page that clearly states it was created “just for fun.” This page is notorious for posting bizarre and satirical news, such as banning women from riding horses and calling them “ribs.”

    The Iglesia del Final de los Tiempos’ story about selling plots in heaven is a satirical jab at the absurdity of religious exploitation. While the tale briefly captured the imagination of the internet, it serves as a reminder to approach sensational news with a critical eye. The church’s humorous antics highlight the often-overlooked issue of grifting within religious institutions, all while providing a good laugh to those who uncover the truth behind the satire.

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