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    Mission: Unblock Chennai to Promote Heart Health and Awareness


    Chennai, September 5th, 2023 –

    Promed Hospital is stepping up its efforts to celebrate World Heart Day, which falls on September 29th, by launching a groundbreaking initiative called “Mission: Unblock Chennai.” This comprehensive campaign is not just another awareness drive; it’s a powerful call to action aimed at transforming the heart health landscape in Chennai and beyond.

    The Heart Health Crisis

    Heart disease continues to be a leading cause of death worldwide, and Chennai is no exception. Lifestyle factors, such as poor diet, sedentary habits, and stress, have contributed to a significant increase in heart-related issues in recent years. The need for early detection, preventive measures, and community education has never been more critical.

    A Holistic Approach to Heart Health

    Promed Hospital’s “Mission: Unblock Chennai” is more than just a campaign; it’s a holistic approach to addressing the heart health crisis. This initiative comprises three key components, each designed to target a specific aspect of heart health:

    1. Heart Health Checkup:

    Throughout the month of September, Promed Hospital is offering a comprehensive Heart Health Checkup at an astounding price of 399/-, a fraction of its original cost of 6000/-. This initiative aims to make heart health assessments accessible to all. By offering this checkup at such an affordable price, Promed Hospital hopes to encourage individuals to prioritize their heart health and undergo regular assessments.

    This checkup includes a battery of tests that provide insights into an individual’s cardiovascular health. From cholesterol levels to blood pressure, electrocardiograms and cardiology visit, it covers a wide spectrum of factors that can contribute to heart disease. Early detection is often the key to effective prevention, and this checkup can be a lifesaver.

    2. Dr. AK’s 30 Day Heart Challenge:

    The heart of “Mission: Unblock Chennai” is “Dr. AK’s 30 Day Heart Challenge.” This innovative program is aimed at transforming lifestyles and instilling heart-healthy habits in participants. Led by Dr. Arun Kalyanasundaram, Chief of Cardiology at Promed Hospital, this challenge provides a structured and guided approach to making heart-healthy choice and to increase awareness about heart health.

    Over the course of 30 days, participants will receive daily guidance, tips, and challenges related to diet, exercise, stress management, and overall heart health. The goal is not only to raise awareness but to empower individuals with practical tools they can incorporate into their daily lives. Dr. AK emphasizes, “Our mission is clear – to unblock Chennai’s hearts and create a healthier, heart-conscious community. Heart diseases are largely preventable, and this campaign strives to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to lead heart-healthy lives.”

    3. 1/- Angiogram:

    In a bold move to make heart health assessments accessible to everyone, “Mission: Unblock Chennai” offers an Angiogram for just 1/-. This offer aims to remove financial barriers that often deter individuals from undergoing essential heart health tests.

    Angiograms are a crucial diagnostic tool for identifying blockages in the coronary arteries. Timely detection can lead to life-saving interventions. By making this test nearly free, Promed Hospital ensures that economic factors will not stand in the way of early detection and treatment.

    Joining the Noble Mission

    As the curtains rise on “Mission: Unblock Chennai,” Promed Hospital extends an open invitation to every resident of Chennai and beyond to actively participate and take a significant step toward healthier hearts. This initiative aligns perfectly with the ethos of World Heart Day, which emphasizes that heart health should be a priority for all.

    By joining “Mission: Unblock Chennai,” you become a part of a noble mission that paves the way for a heart-healthy future not only for Chennai but for communities worldwide. To participate in the heart challenge, please click on the following link:

    For more information, updates, and to register for the Heart Health Checkup and Dr. AK’s 30 Day Heart Challenge, please visit the official campaign website

    Promed Hospital’s Commitment to Heart Health

    Promed Hospital has been a beacon of hope in the healthcare sector, known for its unwavering commitment to patient care and innovation in medical technology. Under the leadership of Dr. Arun Kalyanasundaram, Chief of Cardiology, Promed Hospital has set its sights on not just treating heart disease but addressing the root cause of the same.

    The hospital’s team of expert physicians and healthcare professionals understands that heart diseases are largely preventable. “Mission: Unblock Chennai” is a testament to their dedication to enhancing the health and well-being of the community they serve.

    Our Heart Care Helpline Number: 94807 94807

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