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    THE TAROT QUEEN OF MUMBAI – Mrs. Shraddha Visariya.


    Born as Shraddha Nishar to Mr. Padamshi and Mrs. Nirmala Nishar at Ankur hospital, Andheri on 1st Dec 1987. Shraddha was always an enthusiastic and a joyful child always ready to learn something new and her parents saw that spark in her at a very early stage and foreseeing her excellent academics they enrolled her into Bhavans A.H Wadia High School where Shraddha completed her primary and secondary schooling as well as her graduation in Bhavans college. She always has considered her mother to be her biggest strength, leading a modern life we can learn how to balance professional life and personal life by sorting out certain things which Mrs. Shraddha does.
    At a very young stage she had well aware of the fact that continuous upskilling and gaining knowledge is important even if the person is elder or younger than us, we must always learn something new and constantly update ourselves, according to her there are constant updates in our life depending on change in people’s demand and work. Meditation, walking, music and having good food can lead you to happiness and positivity believes Mrs. Shraddha.

    Entering into the next phase of her life Shraddha tied knot with her better half Mr. Bhavesh Visariya who by profession is a businessman. He supported Shraddha in every decision of her and always motivated and pushed her for every optimistic step.

    Mrs. Shraddha Visariya after completing her graduation wanted to explore herself in different fields, always eager to diversification, she wanted to be an all-rounder by herself, obviously thereafter she opted for different courses such as IITC travelling tourism course, GMFD training course and Occult training. Mixture of 24 modulations were completed in Mumbai-Thane region.
    Her first job was fashion designing where she worked under Geeta talpade born in Hong Kong and practiced in Mumbai, also she taught Mrs. Shraddha important life lessons.

    Mrs. Shraddha never does a thing without an intention always backed up by a solid reason and all her above choices had certain reasons behind them such as she chose the travelling course as it was her family business too, as in she could learn and contribute towards it.
    GMFD course was chosen by her as her personal choice and now she has gathered over 10+ years of experience in the particular field.
    Occult Science was the turning point where she got introduced to Tarot Card Reading which eventually became her passion.
    It was back in 2010 when due to a personal problem when she was experiencing depression, she attended a certain event where she got introduced to card reading and started gaining interest in it. But 8 years later in 2018 she actually started card reading but didn’t get appropriate teachers to teach her, Mrs. Shraddha was in general motivated from her childhood friend Mrs. Manisha Nandu Shah also she started making accurate predictions and eventually her clients used to ask her for remedies but at that point she was unaware of remedies and she couldn’t help them, still getting right predictions often inspired her a lot.

    Later in 2020 Mrs. Shraddha went into deeper healing and vastu shastra for a year and half.
    Generating revenue is quite simple when you enjoy your work which has led to Mrs, Shraddha having multiple client base Pan India and also abroad.
    She also believes that more people should be made aware about tarot card reading as it’ll help them with right predictions despite the lack of important information like birth timing etc.

    Mrs. Shraddha is a proud owner of a list of varied achievements, excelled in her profession she is always prone to some or the other glorifications. She always had the thought of helping people through tarot card reading which eventually made her choose this as her profession.
    Listing some of her notable achievements are as such:
    7th march 2020 Suppreneur Awards Tarot card reading from hastakshar, Ghatkopar.
    6th Feb 2021 Super Women for tarot Card Reading, Andheri
    20th July 2021 NRK Group in Pune for healing.
    5th Sept 2021 JW Marriott Juhu Rabia Patel Foundation for Healing
    7th August 2022 in thane by runway tenor social activity

    Shaadi sakhi in Tip Top plaza thane 2019
    Juhu school exhibition 2019
    Inorbit 2022
    Shadi sakhi in Juhu 2022.

    Also being a philanthropist Mrs. Shraddha from Divine star donated uniforms to girls willing to learn martial arts to Giants group of Mumbai foundation.
    On 30-01-2022 she also provided study materials and snacks to needy students at Vidyabhavan Vastigruh Thane.
    A donation of Rs.70000 was also made to D.N nagar shree ajramar sthanakwasi jain sangh Andheri on 24 – 09 – 2022 by Mrs.Shraddha.
    For the cause of skill development of 10 girls Rs.1500 were also donated to Rabiaz foundation.

    Her future endeavours are opening a massive tarot card centre and wanderlust.

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