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    “Multiple Fatalities in Rotterdam as Gunman Opens Fire in University Hospital Campus and Residence”


    Multiple Fatalities in Rotterdam as Gunman Opens Fire in University Hospital Campus and Residence

    In a shocking and tragic incident, multiple lives were lost in Rotterdam on Thursday when a 32-year-old man embarked on a shooting spree at a university hospital campus and a nearby residence. Dutch police swiftly responded to the crisis, arresting the suspect and initiating investigations into the horrifying events.

    The harrowing incident began when the gunman opened fire in a classroom at a university hospital campus in Rotterdam. The gunfire sent shockwaves through the city, leading to multiple casualties. Additionally, the assailant targeted a nearby house, intensifying the scale of the tragedy.

    Law enforcement authorities took to social media to inform the public about the unfolding situation, revealing that shots had been fired at the Rotterdam Medical Centre and the adjacent residence. Fires had also erupted at both locations, further complicating the crisis. At the time of reporting, the exact number of individuals injured or killed at each site remained unclear.

    In response to the unfolding emergency, police officers swiftly entered the premises of the hospital university, actively searching for possible victims or individuals in hiding. Dutch news agency ANP reported on these efforts, highlighting the urgency and gravity of the situation.

    Videos circulating online depicted scenes of chaos and panic, with police instructing students, some of whom were clad in medical gowns, to evacuate the area. Heavily armed arrest teams arrived on the scene to restore order and detain the suspected shooter. In one video, a man in handcuffs was seen wearing what appeared to be camouflage pants.

    Two hours after the initial incident, authorities confirmed the presence of multiple fatalities and began the difficult task of informing the victims’ families. The caretaker Minister of Justice and Security, Dilan Yesilgöz, expressed her condolences, labeling the day as “a very dark day” in comments made in Brussels.

    Notably, police have stated that there are no indications of a second shooter involved in the incident. A press conference has been scheduled by local officials to provide further information and updates on the ongoing investigation.

    As the city of Rotterdam grapples with the aftermath of this tragic event, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families during this difficult time. Authorities will continue their efforts to piece together the details surrounding this horrifying incident and bring justice to those affected.

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