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    “Nepal Appeals to Russia Against Enlisting Its Citizens Following 6 Soldier Deaths”


    Nepal Urges Russia to Halt Recruitment of Nepali Soldiers After Six Deaths

    Nepal has issued a formal request to Moscow, urging Russia to refrain from enlisting Nepali citizens into its military forces following the deaths of six soldiers in Russia’s service. The soldiers, famously known as Gurkhas for their valor and combat skills, had been deployed under agreements with the British and Indian armies but had no such arrangement with Russia.

    The revelation of the fatalities prompted Nepal’s government to call upon Russia to repatriate the deceased soldiers immediately and provide compensation to their bereaved families. This plea, articulated by Nepal’s foreign ministry, emphasized the absence of an official agreement between Nepal and Russia regarding the deployment of Nepali soldiers.

    The geopolitical context underscores the absence of a formal pact between Nepal and Russia, especially in light of Russia’s incursion into Ukraine in 2022 and the ongoing conflict that ensued. Nepal’s diplomatic overture included a request for the release of a Nepali citizen currently held captive by Ukraine after serving in the Russian army.

    In response to these developments, Nepal has also issued advisories to its citizens, urging them to abstain from joining the military forces of war-affected nations. Milan Raj Tuladhar, Nepal’s ambassador in Moscow, highlighted the presence of approximately 150-200 Nepali nationals working as mercenaries within the Russian army, as reported by The Kathmandu Post.

    Meanwhile, the Russian embassy in Kathmandu has yet to offer a formal comment on Nepal’s plea regarding the recruitment of Nepali soldiers into its armed forces.

    Beyond the military realm, millions of Nepali nationals predominantly engage in civilian occupations, serving as laborers in various industries and construction sectors across South Korea, Malaysia, and the Middle East.

    As Nepal grapples with the aftermath of these casualties, diplomatic efforts persist to address the recruitment of Nepali soldiers into Russia’s military ranks and ensure the safe return of those involved in conflicts abroad. The nation continues to advocate for the protection and well-being of its citizens, both at home and in international deployments.

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