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    “Nepal’s PM Prachanda Succeeds in Parliament Confidence Vote for 3rd Time in 15 Months”


    Nepal's Prime Minister Prachanda Secures Vote of Confidence in Parliament Amid Political Turmoil

    Nepal’s Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, widely known as Prachanda, emerged victorious in a crucial vote of confidence held in Parliament on Wednesday, underscoring the ongoing political challenges facing the Himalayan nation.

    Prachanda, a former guerrilla leader representing the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist Centre), clinched 157 votes out of 275 in the House of Representatives (HoR), affirming support for his leadership amidst a backdrop of political turbulence. This development follows Prachanda’s recent alliance with the Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist-Leninist), formed after his party’s withdrawal of support from the Nepali Congress.

    This marks the third instance within a span of 15 months that Prachanda has sought and secured a vote of confidence in Parliament since assuming the role of prime minister in December 2022. The constitutional mandate dictates that a prime minister must undergo a vote of confidence following the withdrawal of support from a coalition ally.

    Prachanda’s victory in the confidence vote comes against the backdrop of heightened political instability in Nepal, as the country grapples with ongoing challenges to maintain governance and unity. His ability to secure the vote underscores the shifting dynamics within Nepal’s political landscape and highlights the complexities of coalition politics in the region.

    As Prachanda embarks on his continued leadership, navigating the intricate web of alliances and competing interests within Nepal’s political arena remains a paramount challenge. The outcome of the confidence vote reflects not only Prachanda’s political acumen but also the evolving dynamics shaping Nepal’s governance and future trajectory.

    With the successful outcome of the vote of confidence, Prachanda’s government is poised to address the pressing issues confronting Nepal while striving to foster stability and progress in the nation’s journey towards development and prosperity.

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