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    “Netanyahu Asserts No Ceasefire Until Hostages Freed in Gaza Conflict : Reports”


    Netanyahu Asserts Israel's Position in Gaza War: No Ceasefire Until All Hostages Freed

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel reiterated the country’s stance in the Gaza war, declaring that Israel is “one step away from victory” and emphasizing that there will be no ceasefire until all hostages held by Hamas are released. These statements were made during a cabinet meeting marking six months since the conflict began following an unprecedented attack by Hamas militants on October 7.

    “We are one step away from victory,” Netanyahu stated, acknowledging the price paid by Israel in the ongoing conflict.

    As truce talks were expected to resume in Cairo with international mediators, Netanyahu made it clear that there would be no ceasefire without the release of hostages, expressing Israel’s readiness for a deal but firm stance against surrender.

    Netanyahu also called for international pressure to be directed against Hamas rather than Israel, highlighting the need for such pressure to facilitate the release of hostages.

    The conflict has garnered international attention, particularly after the killing of seven aid workers from the US-based food charity World Central Kitchen in a Gaza airstrike on April 1, leading to calls for an immediate ceasefire and improved humanitarian conditions.

    US President Joe Biden, in a recent phone call with Netanyahu, demanded an “immediate ceasefire” and hinted at potential conditions for US support based on civilian protection and curtailing violence.

    Netanyahu also accused Iran of involvement in attacks against Israel through its proxies, reaffirming Israel’s commitment to retaliate against any threats.

    Concerns about the conflict’s escalation have grown following Iran’s pledge to retaliate for the killing of seven Revolutionary Guards in an airstrike on its embassy’s consular annex in Damascus.

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