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    “Netanyahu Dismisses Hamas Allegations of Hostage Release Refusal as ‘False Propaganda'”


    Israel Dismisses Hamas Claim of Rejected Hostage Release as "Propaganda"

    Israel has refuted Hamas’s claim that the Palestinian group intended to release two additional hostages on humanitarian grounds but that Israel declined to receive them, dismissing it as “propaganda.”

    Abu Ubaida, the spokesman for Hamas’s armed wing, announced that the group had informed Qatar of its intention to release the two individuals on Friday, the same day it released Americans Judith Tai Ranaan and her daughter Natalie.

    In a subsequent statement, Abu Ubaida reiterated Hamas’s readiness to free the two individuals on the following Sunday, using the same procedures employed in the release of Judith and Natalie.

    The Palestinian group had captured approximately 210 people during its deadly assault in southern Israel on October 7. Qatar, which played a role in mediating Friday’s release, did not immediately comment on the matter.

    In response, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office issued a brief statement, categorizing Hamas’s claim as “false propaganda.” The statement reaffirmed Israel’s commitment to take all necessary actions to ensure the return of all kidnapped and missing individuals to their homes.

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