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    “Ongoing Conflict: Israel and Hamas in Talks for Gaza Truce Deal”


    Israel, Hamas Discuss Gaza Truce Deal Amid Ongoing War

    In the midst of ongoing conflict, Israel and Hamas are engaging in discussions regarding a potential truce deal for Gaza. International pressure, notably from the United States, is mounting on Israel to agree to a ceasefire.

    Hamas announced on Monday that it is considering a proposal for a truce and a hostage-prisoner swap after talks in Cairo. The proposed deal includes a six-week ceasefire and the release of Israeli women and child hostages in exchange for up to 900 Palestinian prisoners. Additionally, the first phase of the agreement would involve the return of displaced Palestinian civilians to northern Gaza and the daily delivery of 400 to 500 trucks of food aid to address the looming famine in the region as warned by the United Nations.

    However, despite ongoing negotiations, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu indicated plans for sending troops into Gaza’s southern city of Rafah. He emphasized the necessity of this move for achieving “victory” over Hamas militants, although the timing of the operation was not specified.

    The potential invasion of Rafah has raised concerns globally, with world leaders and humanitarian organizations warning of dire consequences for civilians. The United States has reiterated that such an invasion would have a significantly harmful impact on civilians and ultimately on Israeli security.

    The recent withdrawal of Israeli forces from Khan Yunis city to Rafah’s north has left a devastating landscape of destruction, prompting thousands of displaced Palestinians to return to their homes amidst ruins. The health ministry in Gaza reported at least 38 more casualties, adding to the toll of the conflict that has claimed thousands of lives, mostly civilians.

    Amid escalating tensions, the United States has sent CIA chief Bill Burns to participate in truce talks, highlighting the international efforts to broker a ceasefire agreement. Significant progress has been reported in the negotiations, with key points of agreement being addressed, although final terms are yet to be finalized.

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