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    “Outrage in China: Employee Accused of Poisoning Pregnant Colleague to Avoid Maternity Leave”


    Outrage in China as Employee Allegedly Spikes Pregnant Colleague's Drink to Prevent Maternity Leave

    A shocking incident has stirred controversy and sparked outrage on social media in China, where an employee at a government-affiliated institution is accused of poisoning her pregnant colleague in an attempt to prevent her from taking maternity leave.

    The incident came to light when the pregnant employee noticed a strange taste in her water bottle, suspecting that someone might have tampered with it. She took matters into her own hands by using her iPad to capture video evidence, which revealed her colleague adding a suspicious substance to her drink.

    The accused employee was reportedly caught on video wearing a black vest and pouring a powder-like substance into her co-worker’s drink before quickly leaving the scene. This act of sabotage was allegedly repeated multiple times, as the victim had been regularly spiking her water bottle.

    The motive behind this disturbing behavior, according to reports, was the accused employee’s reluctance to handle the increased workload in her colleague’s absence during maternity leave.

    The victim promptly reported the incident to the authorities, leading to an ongoing investigation by law enforcement. The staff at the organization are awaiting the results of the police investigation before taking further action.

    Legal experts have weighed in, stating that if the accused employee’s actions were driven by an intent to harm, it could constitute a criminal offense regardless of whether the substance was toxic or caused physical harm.

    The incident has elicited strong reactions from internet users, with many expressing shock and condemnation towards the accused individual’s actions. Social media users have criticized the malicious intent behind poisoning someone for personal gain, calling it morally reprehensible.

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