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    “Over 1 Lakh Vacant Posts in Central Police Organisations Under Ministry of Home Affairs, Recruitment Efforts Ongoing”


    Over 1 Lakh Vacant Posts in Central Police Organisations, Ministry of Home Affairs Responds to Rajya Sabha

    In a recent statement made in Rajya Sabha, Union Minister Ajay Kumar Mishra disclosed that over 1 lakh posts are currently vacant in various central police organisations, falling under the Ministry of Home Affairs. The vacancies encompass several essential units, such as the CRPF, BSF, and Delhi Police, raising concerns about the shortage of personnel in the country’s security forces.

    As of 2023, advertisements for approximately 31,879 posts have been published, and out of these, only 1,126 posts have been filled. This stark disparity indicates the magnitude of the challenge faced by the Ministry of Home Affairs in recruiting and filling crucial positions within these organizations.

    According to Mishra’s written reply in the Rajya Sabha, the total number of vacant posts amounts to 1,14,245. Among these vacancies, 3,075 fall under group ‘A’, 15,861 under group ‘B’, and a substantial 95,309 fall under group ‘C’. The vacant positions represent various categories, with 16,356 posts reserved for Scheduled Castes, 8,759 for Scheduled Tribes, 21,974 for Other Backward Class, 7,394 for economically weaker sections, and 59,762 for the general category.

    The Minister reassured the House that recruitment efforts to fill these vacant posts are an ongoing and continuous process. Advertisements for recruitment are published as and when vacancies arise, and appointment letters are issued upon the successful completion of the recruitment process.

    Mishra highlighted that the Ministry of Home Affairs monitors and reviews the progress of recruitment regularly. The aim is to ensure that the vacancies are filled in a time-bound manner, addressing the critical need for personnel in central police organizations and maintaining their operational efficiency.

    The shortage of personnel in central police organisations is a matter of concern, considering the crucial role these forces play in maintaining law and order and safeguarding the nation’s security. Addressing these vacancies promptly is vital to ensure that these organizations can effectively fulfill their responsibilities and uphold the safety and security of citizens.

    The Ministry’s commitment to filling these vacancies through continuous recruitment efforts demonstrates their dedication to strengthening the country’s security apparatus and enhancing public safety.

    As the recruitment process progresses, the Ministry of Home Affairs aims to expedite the appointment of suitable candidates to bolster the ranks of the central police organisations and ensure their optimal functioning in service to the nation.

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