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    Over 1,220 Flights Cancelled, Schools Shut After Snowstorm Hits US Northeast


    Over 1,220 Flights Cancelled, Schools Shut After Snowstorm Hits US Northeast

    The northeastern United States found itself blanketed in snow on Tuesday as a powerful winter storm swept through the region, prompting flight cancellations, school closures, and transportation chaos. With over 1,220 flights cancelled across the nation, including significant disruptions at key airports like New York’s LaGuardia and Newark, along with nearly one in five flights grounded at JFK International Airport, the impact of the storm was keenly felt.

    In New York City, schools were forced to shut their doors, and transportation operators scrambled to maintain services amidst treacherous conditions on the roads. This marked the first significant snowfall in two years that necessitated the deployment of plows in the country’s most populous city.

    Authorities issued urgent warnings urging the public to refrain from unnecessary travel, citing expected snow accumulations of four to eight inches and wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour. The city’s emergency notification system emphasized the importance of using mass transit if travel was unavoidable.

    Despite the challenges posed by the storm, New Yorkers embraced the wintry conditions, flocking to Central Park where joggers, dog walkers, and snow enthusiasts alike reveled in the snowfall, building snowmen and enjoying outdoor activities.

    The National Weather Service (NWS) issued winter storm warnings covering more than 32 million people as Storm Lorraine wreaked havoc across the region. Rural areas bore the brunt of the storm, with heavy snowfall leading to road closures and isolation for some communities.

    In New Jersey, Hampton Township experienced a deluge of 13 inches of snow, while Chester in upstate New York received over 11 inches, according to meteorological reports. The NWS highlighted the risk of strong winds and heavy snowfall causing damage to trees, power lines, and disruptions to travel, including coastal flooding along portions of the East Coast.

    The axis of heaviest snowfall was forecasted to stretch from eastern Pennsylvania through northern New Jersey, southeastern New York, and southern New England, encompassing the New York metropolitan area. Significant travel disruptions were anticipated, underscoring the severity of the storm’s impact on the region.

    As authorities continued to work tirelessly to clear roads and restore services, residents braced themselves for the aftermath of Storm Lorraine, emphasizing the importance of preparedness and caution in the face of inclement weather.

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