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    “Pakistan Implements Red Carpet Ban for Non-Diplomatic Events Amid Austerity Drive”


    "Pakistan Implements Red Carpet Ban for Non-Diplomatic Events Amid Austerity Drive"

    Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has announced a ban on the use of red carpets at government events, restricting their use exclusively for diplomatic receptions. This move is part of broader austerity measures aimed at reducing unnecessary expenditures in the financially constrained nation.

    The decision was made following Prime Minister Sharif’s dissatisfaction with the frequent use of red carpets during visits of federal ministers and senior officials at government functions. The ban, directed by the prime minister, was confirmed by Pakistan’s Cabinet Division.

    According to a notification issued by the Cabinet division, the red carpet will no longer be rolled out for federal ministers and government figures at official events. However, it may still be used as a protocol exclusively for foreign diplomats, as reported by The Express Tribune newspaper.

    The ban on red carpets signifies more than just a symbolic gesture. It reflects a concrete effort by the government to curb unnecessary spending and reallocate resources to more essential areas of governance.

    Prime Minister Sharif’s government has been proactive in promoting austerity measures. Last week, Sharif and Cabinet members voluntarily forfeited their salaries and perks as part of these efforts. This move aligns with the government’s priority to adopt responsible fiscal practices and improve financial management.

    President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari had previously opted out of receiving salary and perks due to economic challenges faced by the country. Prime Minister Sharif, amidst economic and security challenges, recently took office for a second term since 2022.

    Addressing the country’s economic challenges, Prime Minister Sharif indicated plans to approach the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for another program. This decision comes after Pakistan reached a staff-level agreement with the IMF regarding the disbursal of the final tranche of USD 1.1 billion.

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