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    “Passenger Outraged as Air India Serves Chicken in Vegetarian Meal; Airline Issues Response”


    Air India Passenger Expresses Outrage After Chicken Found in Veg Meal, Airline Responds

    A recent incident aboard an Air India flight has stirred controversy as a passenger, Veera Jain, expressed her fury after discovering chicken pieces in her vegetarian meal. Taking to the microblogging platform, Jain shared her ordeal while flying from Kozhikode to Mumbai with Air India, prompting a response from the airline.

    In her tweet on January 9, Jain narrated the incident, stating, “On my @airindia flight AI582, I was served a veg meal with chicken pieces in it! I boarded the flight from Calicut airport. This was a flight that was supposed to take off at 18:40 pm but left the airport at 19:40 pm.” She further detailed her interaction with the cabin supervisor (Sona), who apologized and acknowledged multiple complaints about the same issue.

    Despite bringing the matter to the crew’s attention, Jain noted that no action was taken to inform other passengers with vegetarian meals. The tweet has garnered nearly 6,000 views, with numerous likes and comments expressing concern over the incident.

    Air India responded to Jain’s tweet in the comments section, requesting her to share details privately to address the issue. They wrote, “Dear Ms Jain, we request you delete the asked details from the open tweet (to avoid misuse) and share the same with us via DM along with your PNR.”

    The incident has sparked a wave of reactions from social media users:

    • One individual emphasized the cultural values and called for urgent action to rectify the issue, stating, “Serving non-vegetarian food labelled as vegetarian goes against our cultural values and is highly unacceptable.”
    • Another expressed concern about the potential impact on future vegetarian passengers, saying, “It is a highly condemnable act! The catering service provider should be held accountable. Next time no vegetarian person would dare to eat! Thank you for raising the issue.”
    • Several users urged Air India to take swift action, with one suggesting compensation and a thorough inquiry, “Sad and distressing. @airindia, please come up with an apology, promise for a thorough inquiry, punish the people responsible and devise remedial measures to prevent recurrence.”

    As the incident gains attention, it highlights the importance of ensuring food quality and accuracy in catering services, especially concerning dietary preferences, and prompts discussions about accountability in the aviation industry.

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