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    “PM Modi Distributes 51,000+ Appointment Letters in ‘Rozgar Mela’ for Government Jobs”


    "PM Modi Distributes Over 51,000 Appointment Letters in 'Rozgar Mela', Initiating Employment Drive"

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi heralded a significant stride in employment generation as he distributed more than 51,000 appointment letters to newly recruited individuals during the ‘Rozgar Mela.’ Conducted through a video conferencing session, the event marked a pivotal step in the campaign initiated by PM Modi on October 22, the previous year, aiming to facilitate 10 lakh government job opportunities.

    Addressing the newly inducted recruits, PM Modi commended their dedication and talent, emphasizing their crucial role in national development. “Your entry into this segment of nation-building directly impacts the people. These appointment letters signify your hard work and abilities,” stated PM Modi during the address.

    Highlighting the significance of their roles within the Government of India, PM Modi emphasized the paramount importance of enhancing the ease of living for all citizens, underscoring the responsibility that comes with their positions.

    “This campaign to offer jobs to lakhs of youth in the country continues. Today’s distribution of over 50 thousand appointment letters for government positions stands as a testament to your diligence and capabilities. Heartiest congratulations to you and your families,” expressed the prime minister.

    The Rozgar Mela, unfolding across 37 locations nationwide, encompasses recruitments in both Central Government Departments and State Governments/Union Territories, bolstering the employment initiative. The newly appointed recruits, hailing from diverse regions, are set to contribute across various ministries and departments, including but not limited to the Department of Revenue, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Defence, and Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.

    The Rozgar Mela signifies a concrete step toward fulfilling the Prime Minister’s commitment to prioritizing employment generation, serving as a catalyst for further job creation and offering substantial opportunities for youth empowerment in the realm of national development.

    Additionally, this event forms part of a series of Rozgar Mela events, consistently providing employment opportunities in various government sectors.

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