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    “Prime Minister Modi Hasn’t Taken a Single Leave Since 2014, Reveals RTI Reply”


    Prime Minister Narendra Modi Hasn't Taken a Single Leave Since Assuming Office in 2014: RTI Reply

    In a response to a recent Right to Information (RTI) query, the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has stated that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not taken any leave since assuming office in 2014.

    The RTI query sought information regarding the number of days PM Modi attended his office and various events and functions during his tenure as Prime Minister. In response to the first part of the query, the PMO clarified that the Prime Minister is on duty at all times and has not availed any leave since taking office.

    Additionally, the query inquired about the number of days PM Modi attended various events and functions. In response, the PMO provided a website link where it was mentioned that PM Modi had attended over 3,000 events since 2014, both in India and abroad.

    The RTI response, highlighting PM Modi’s continuous dedication to his role, was shared by Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on social media with the caption ‘#MyPmMyPride.’

    This is not the first time such information has come to light. In 2015, a similar RTI response revealed that PM Modi had not taken any leave from work during his first tenure in office. Furthermore, in 2019, Union Minister Amit Shah stated that PM Modi had not taken any leave in the 20 years since holding a public office.

    The response to the RTI query underscores PM Modi’s commitment to his responsibilities as the Prime Minister of India. It highlights his relentless work ethic and dedication to serving the nation.

    As India’s leader, Prime Minister Modi has consistently prioritized his duties, ensuring that the nation’s affairs are managed efficiently and effectively. This latest revelation reaffirms his unwavering commitment to his role and responsibilities.

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