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    “Prince Harry Alleges Tabloid Spied on Diana and King Charles’ Phone Calls”


    Prince Harry Accuses Murdoch's UK Tabloid of Intercepting Diana and King Charles' Calls

    Prince Harry has launched a significant legal challenge against Rupert Murdoch’s UK tabloid, alleging that it unlawfully intercepted phone conversations involving his late mother, Princess Diana, and his father, King Charles III. This development marks an escalation in Prince Harry’s privacy invasion lawsuit against News Group Newspapers (NGN), owned by Murdoch’s media empire.

    In a courtroom showdown, Prince Harry’s attorney, David Sherborne, presented evidence from NGN’s materials suggesting that Diana’s conversations were monitored, revealing intimate details about Harry’s life dating back to when he was just 9 years old. The amended complaint highlights Diana’s distress over potential surveillance, citing articles in The Sun and News of the World that referenced her private discussions and movements, including therapy sessions. Sherborne condemned the newspapers for dismissing Diana’s concerns as “paranoid delusions” while knowing about the unlawful interception.

    This revelation comes amidst broader accusations implicating Murdoch in covering up unlawful information gathering practices. Prince Harry joins 44 other claimants, including celebrities like Hugh Grant and Guy Ritchie, in alleging widespread privacy violations spanning from 1994 to 2016, including intercepting voicemails, tapping phones, bugging cars, and using deception to access confidential information.

    NGN has vehemently denied these claims, calling them baseless attacks on former employees. Defense lawyer Anthony Hudson criticized Harry’s timing, accusing him of creating distractions from the impending trial in January. However, Judge Timothy Fancourt is expected to rule on Harry’s application to amend the lawsuit, potentially intensifying the legal battle.

    Despite challenges, Prince Harry remains committed to holding the media accountable for their actions, particularly in light of his previous legal victories against Mirror Group Newspapers. This ongoing litigation underscores Prince Harry’s determination to confront powerful forces in the British press and seek justice for privacy violations.

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