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    “Pune Man Faces Unfortunate Double Robbery: Phone Snatched by Stranger, Motorcycle Stolen by Another”


    "Unfortunate Double Robbery Strikes Pune Man: Loses Phone and Money to First Robber, Motorcycle to Second"

    In a series of unfortunate events, a 29-year-old man new to the city of Pune faced a double robbery that left him in distress. The incident occurred on July 20 when the victim was returning home from work and offered a lift to a person who claimed to be in need of cash to travel back to Buldhana.

    Kind-hearted and unfamiliar with the area, the man lent Rs 500 to the stranger through a UPI transaction. However, instead of showing gratitude, the person took advantage of the situation and made a swift escape after using the victim’s cellphone for a call, leaving him stranded.

    Desperate for assistance, the victim encountered another unidentified man who seemed willing to help. This second individual claimed to have connections with officers at Bhosari police station and offered to accompany the victim to report the initial robbery. Trusting the stranger’s words, the victim agreed to fetch cigarettes for a supposed officer.

    Tragically, as soon as the victim left for the stall, the second man seized the opportunity and disappeared with the victim’s motorcycle, compounding his misfortune.

    After realizing that Rs 3,000 had been transferred from his bank account through a UPI transaction by the first robber, the victim promptly filed a complaint with the Bhosari police station on Tuesday. The police registered a case of criminal breach of trust and are actively examining CCTV camera footage to identify the suspects involved in this distressing double robbery.

    Such incidents highlight the importance of caution and awareness, especially for individuals new to a city. Authorities urge the public to exercise caution while interacting with strangers and to be wary of deceptive individuals looking to take advantage of others’ generosity.

    The Pune police are committed to investigating this case thoroughly and bringing the culprits to justice. As the investigation unfolds, the victim hopes for a swift resolution, while also sharing his story as a cautionary tale for others to stay vigilant and safeguard their belongings while navigating unfamiliar surroundings.

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