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    Punjab-Origin Girl Allegedly Buried Alive by Ex-Boyfriend in Australia’s Act of Vengeance


    Adelaide, Australia: In a shocking and horrifying incident, a 21-year-old Indian nursing student, Jasmeen Kaur, was reportedly abducted and buried alive by her ex-boyfriend, Tarikjot Singh, in a remote area of South Australia’s Flinders Ranges. The court hearing the case unveiled the gruesome details of the crime, stating that the act of revenge was carried out following Kaur’s previous report of stalking.

    Kaur, a resident of Adelaide City, had reported Singh to the police for stalking in February 2021. Tragically, a month later, she was abducted from her workplace on March 5, 2021. Singh allegedly drove her approximately 400 miles (644 km) while restraining her with cable ties in the borrowed vehicle of his flatmate, according to reports from and other sources.

    After subjecting Kaur to a terrifying ordeal, Singh buried her in a shallow grave in the Flinders Ranges. He inflicted “superficial” cuts to her throat, which did not prove fatal, and she remained conscious until her eventual death on March 6. Prosecutor Carmen Matteo revealed during sentencing submissions at the Supreme Court that Kaur had suffered immensely, experiencing the terror of inhaling and swallowing soil while being buried alive.

    The court proceedings were attended by Kaur’s family, including her mother, who heard the distressing details of the crime. Matteo described the murder as exceptionally cruel and driven by vengeance due to Singh’s inability to accept the end of their relationship.

    Singh initially denied the murder charges, claiming that Kaur had committed suicide and that he had only buried her body. However, he ultimately pleaded guilty to the crime before the scheduled trial earlier this year. CCTV footage showed Singh purchasing gloves, cable ties, and a shovel at a store hours before the murder.

    In the lead-up to Kaur’s death, Singh had written messages intended for her, expressing his anger and vengeful sentiments. One message read, “Your bad luck that I am still alive, cheap, wait and watch, will get the answer, each and every single one will get the answer.”

    Singh now faces a mandatory life sentence, with the court expected to determine a non-parole period next month. His defense lawyer has requested a more lenient sentence, arguing that it should be considered a “crime of passion.”

    The shocking case has brought attention to the importance of addressing stalking and domestic violence issues, emphasizing the need for comprehensive measures to protect individuals from such acts of violence. It serves as a stark reminder of the devastating consequences that can arise from toxic relationships and the imperative to prioritize the safety and well-being of potential victims.

    The court’s upcoming sentencing decision will be closely watched, as it will not only bring closure to Kaur’s family but also serve as a reflection of the judicial system’s stance on such heinous crimes.

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