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    “Putin Expands Russian Military Amid Ukraine Conflict Without Mobilization Plans”


    Russia Expands Military Size Amid Ongoing Ukraine Conflict, Putin Signs Decree

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a decree to significantly bolster the country’s armed services amid the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The decree, published on the Kremlin’s website, reveals plans to expand the total number of armed forces to 2.2 million individuals, with 1.3 million slated to be servicemen.

    This expansion represents a notable increase of 170,000 personnel, as confirmed by the Defense Ministry in a statement on Telegram. The move, according to the ministry, is attributed to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and what Russia perceives as the “expansion” of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). However, despite this augmentation, there are no immediate plans for mobilization.

    This recent development follows Putin’s earlier directive in August 2022, when he ordered an increase in the armed forces’ size to 2.04 million people, shortly preceding Russia’s declaration of a “partial mobilization.” Historians note that this marked the country’s first such mobilization since World War II during the Nazi invasion.

    In a strategic move last year, Putin greenlit a plan to elevate the number of servicemen to 1.5 million people, with the Kremlin anticipating this augmentation to extend through 2026.

    The escalation in military size emerges against the backdrop of the prolonged conflict in Ukraine, where Russian forces have been engaged in a protracted conflict with Ukrainian troops, leading to international concern and condemnation.

    While Russia cites defensive measures in response to perceived NATO expansion, the move has garnered attention and apprehension globally, raising questions about the ongoing conflict’s potential to escalate further.

    The announcement of an expanded military force comes at a critical juncture, fueling concerns about the trajectory of the conflict in Ukraine and the broader implications for regional stability. Despite assertions of no immediate mobilization, the reinforcement of Russia’s armed services underlines the sustained tensions in the region and the geopolitical ramifications of this ongoing conflict.

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