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    “Putin’s Rebuke to Biden: Call for Mutual Respect in International Relations”


    Putin Rebukes Biden, Urges Respect for Russia's Interests

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has firmly rejected comments made by U.S. President Joe Biden, emphasizing that Moscow’s interests must not be marginalized and calling on American politicians to exhibit respect for other nations. These remarks came in response to President Biden’s recent statement, “Imagine what happens if we, in fact, unite all of Europe and Putin is finally put down where he cannot cause the kind of trouble he’s been causing.”

    Putin’s response comes during his visit to Beijing, China, to participate in the Belt and Road forum, where he discussed the importance of international relations and the need for mutual respect among nations. Notably, Vladimir Putin is currently the subject of an arrest warrant by the International Criminal Court for alleged war crimes in Ukraine, and his trip to China is a rare occurrence.

    The Russian President also addressed the recent suggestions of the United States preparing for a war against Russia and China, dismissing them as unfounded and designed to incite fear rather than substantive discussions. Putin stated, “I don’t think these are healthy thoughts in the minds of healthy people, because to say that the United States is preparing for war with Russia, well, we are all preparing for war because we follow the ancient principle: if you want peace, get ready for war. But we want peace.”

    He further remarked, “Moreover, to fight with both Russia and China, it is nonsense – I don’t think it is serious. I think they are just scaring each other.” Putin emphasized the drastic difference between engaging in conflict with smaller powers, as seen in Ukraine, and the potential consequences of a war between major nuclear states.

    “If they want to fight with Russia, then it will be a completely different war – it will not be carrying out a special military operation. Look at the Middle East – is that a special military operation – can you compare them? If we talk about a war between great nuclear powers, then it would be a completely different story. I don’t think that people in their right minds can think about such a thing, but if such a thought does come to them, then it can only cause us to be wary,” Putin added.

    As international tensions persist, these comments reflect the ongoing challenges in diplomatic relations between Russia and the United States.

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