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    Radhika Bhattacharyya Shah – BJP’s New Dynamic Face


    Radhika Bhattacharyya Shah - BJP’s New Dynamic Face

    Bengal is known for its ‘Bhadralok’ culture and for long, Bengal was seeking a political face who was exactly how ‘Bhadralok’s’ perceive their political leaders.

    Radhika Bhattacharyya Shah, recently deployed from Delhi to be the State Spokesperson for Bharatiya Janata Party in West Bengal, has been a member of the Party since 2017. A daughter of the soil with deep roots in Murshidabad and Kolkata and whose paternal family is featured in the ‘Vansh Parichay’, she is what you would call the quintessential political persona that Bengal has been yearning to have. Her impeccable family background in Bengal, her dynamism, her clear and articulate communication skills, her intellect, humility and passionate about her country and West Bengal in particular stands apart.

    Coming from a strong career background, she brings management, communication, leadership, problem solving, planning and development and crisis management skills. It is a joy to hear her speak in her crisp English, something that endears her to the people of West Bengal, who still enjoy the British legacy of the spoken English language. Apart from English, she is adept at speaking Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi and Marathi. She is a mature politician as she understands both the rural and urban pulse of India very well, having travelled wide and far since birth, as a senior Army Officer’s daughter. Her cultural affinity to the people of India emerges from her familiarity with India’s sentiments, traditions, aspirations and needs.

    She has a vision for Bengal and she wishes to be an integral part of the BJP story when it finds success in Bengal, which she knows very well is only possible under the able and effective leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Radhika has a vision for Bengal that will revert to its old political, economical, educational, sporting and manufacturing glory. She wishes to contribute to the people of Bengal, particularly the youth, to bring back the dreams of a bright future, where the young men and women of Bengal need not depart from the state to look for career and lifestyle opportunities outside of West Bengal as they do now. She is aware that such a Bengal can only be created when Bengal strives to become the state that was once called the ‘Golden Bengal’.

    Radhika is aware that to achieve the new Bengal for its people, and the Bengal the BJP seeks to avail for West Bengal, the party will need the support of the people of Bengal who currently live in an environment which is politically unsafe, demoralized, underdeveloped, lacking in infrastructure, education institutions, job opportunities and reputation. Bengal suffers from fear and divisive politics, which has curtailed a healthy and democratic environment to prevail in West Bengal. Radhika’s dream is to help her party achieve political success in Bengal to see all of the Prime Minister’s people-centric programmes and projects get implemented in the state, including the Ayushman Bharat Health Scheme for the common man, which the present TMC regime does not allow to be implemented and reach the poor.

    Radhika has been involved in the development of rural education, youth sports and women empowerment for decades. Being the co-founder of an NGO, she was a pioneer in creating educational opportunities for rural children to enable them to get absorbed by large corporations in the workforce of their manufacturing sector. She has also trained and mentored business leaders and senior corporate entities in professional skills. Her stint at the United Nations gives her the ability to understand humanitarian and political matters of the world, and being the wife of an eminent Ambassador of India, she is well-travelled and has the advantage of a global perspective.

    She is devoted to her party, the Bharatiya Janata Party, and its leader Shri Narendra Modi. Her aim is to ensure that she is able to perform her ‘Karyakarta’ duties in a manner that can help achieve the Prime Minister’s goals for not just West Bengal, but for the entire nation.

    Radhika believes that politicians can only facilitate the dreams of the people, but the dreams must come from the eyes of the people, which only the BJP can help accomplish for one and all in India.

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