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    Raman Acharya Young Indian classical Flute Player From Rajasthan


    Raman Acharya Young Indian classical Flute Player From Rajasthan

    I never thought of achieving so much at such a young age says Raman Acharya, a young and well known flutist and sound healer from Rajasthan
    Born and brought up in a small village named Khairabad, at Ramganj Mandi, in Kota, Raman Acharya belongs to a family following Brahmanical order. Belonging to a village, his story has a very unique flavour in terms of hailing from a sparsely populated area but bringing colours of success at a very young age, when people just start dreaming. At such a nascent age, he achieved success in his music career. His first performance as a flutist was in front of Jagatguru Shankaracharya ji Swami Gyananada ji ,on Guru Poornima in Madhya Pradesh.
    The first big achievement came as a happy surprise, on 3 January 2022 he awarded by the Rajasthan’s first Indian classical flute player by Youth Ministry of Rajasthan. In February 2022, in a talent show, by Urvashi Rautela, where there was competition amongst various art forms, flute bagged first place, which was represented by Raman Acharya.
    He was called upon by Gujarat government to perform on Gujarat Day. More to this, another feather was added to his cap when he performed solo in Talkatora stadium, Delhi in May 2022, at Rajiv Gandhi death anniversary in front of political leaders of the country and front of more than ten thousand audience. More significant ones apart from these, are his performance in Vidhan Sabha, Jaipur recently and a divine performance at Parmath Niketan (a place which is symbolized as heaven on earth, vibrant and rendering vibes of purity and harmony) in Ma Ganga Maha Aarti for two days from the first Monday of the holy month of Sawan. Since then, he has been on various musical tours which are sponsored by Rajasthan government.
    On 15 July, 2023 in a event of All India Gayatri world on youth skill day Raman Acharya Honoured “Sanatan Sanskrati Samman” by Dr. Chinmay Pandya Vice Chancellor DSVV for significant contribution to national upliftment.
    How did he attain so much at such an age? Here is Raman’s story of evolution behind this success.
    With a bit of fundamental knowledge about music, rhythm and voice modulation, being a gift of his genetic lineage, as his paternal grandfather had sound knowledge of music, apart from being an astrologer and lecturer in Sanskrit, Raman Acharya gained knowledge of them basic notes of music from his grandfather. Gradually, he started cherishing the learnings he got in music field and continued to grasp the talent whenever he could. It was easy for him as music wasn’t novel to him but at the same time, was a challenge too as his family consented to confine it to be hobby. In a quest to explore music more, he introduced himself to Octapad and he was fortunate enough to perform in five to ten shows in his early days. Meanwhile, whilst he was fine tuning his skills on different musical instruments, he found out some time to discover the magic of being a singer, in himself. Unsatisfied, he returned and limited himself to playing musical instruments.
    His journey was not only about finding himself through music. He tried hands on acting too. During his secondary classes, he joined a theatre group in Kota and endeavored to act but couldn’t find the right kind of spiritual call, both inside and outside, to sustain this art form in life. Academically, his senior secondary was frustrating. However, he decided to continue learning and joined college in Jaipur for his graduation. During his college, he brought his ever flute from a store in Chandpole, Jaipur and started playing it. During his college days, he used to wake up early in the morning and do his riaaz. However, with time and interacting with some experienced flutist, he realized that he required to change the flute he was practicing on and fasten up the pace of his learning as a flutist. Therefore, he decided to learn flute, intensively for a while and dropped out from his regular college and shifted to Murlipura, a small village like, situated in outskirts of Jaipur. Living with Guru Shree Sandeep Soni, according to traditional Guru-Shishya Parampara, he enjoyed his time of learning from a teacher like him and coming out, he flew across the sky, having his roots well developed, as a flutist. The young flutist is no way in the passage of waiting. At just the age of 20, he has received recognition for his talent and skill and is on the path of refining it continuously. He wishes to learn more from his gurus and progressing each day. Currently, he is learning flute in Banaras from Banaras Gharana and has been performing in various musical shows across India. Patience, practice and perseverance.

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