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    “Report: 8 Terrorists Killed in Gunfire and Explosions at Pakistan’s Gwadar Port”


    Terrorist Attack Foiled at Pakistan's Gwadar Port, 8 Assailants Killed

    A major terrorist attack was thwarted at Pakistan’s Gwadar Port Authority (GPA) complex, with security forces successfully neutralizing eight attackers, according to a report by the Express Tribune. The incident, which saw gunfire and explosions, unfolded as heavily armed terrorists breached the port area in Balochistan province, known for its troubled security landscape.

    Reports indicate that the attackers forcibly entered the Gwadar Port Authority Complex and initiated gunfire, leading to multiple explosions within the vicinity. Makran Commissioner Saeed Ahmed Umrani confirmed the intense firing, stating that a significant deployment of police and security personnel promptly responded to the situation.

    Security forces managed to repel the attackers as they attempted to penetrate the port complex, resulting in the elimination of all eight assailants, as reported by the Express Tribune. The Majeed Brigade, a faction of the proscribed Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), claimed responsibility for the attack, highlighting the ongoing insurgency challenges faced in Balochistan.

    Balochistan, sharing borders with Iran and Afghanistan, has witnessed a prolonged history of violent insurgencies. Previous attacks by Baloch separatist groups have targeted strategic locations, including projects under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), where numerous Chinese personnel are involved in developmental endeavors.

    The BLA, in particular, has voiced opposition to Chinese investments in Balochistan, alleging exploitation of the province’s rich resources. The attack at Gwadar Port underscores the persistent security threats in the region, despite efforts to secure vital infrastructure and combat terrorism.

    This incident coincides with Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s reaffirmation of Pakistan’s stance against cross-border terrorism. A recent security report by the Centre for Research and Security Studies documented a notable increase in violence-related incidents in Pakistan during 2023, indicating ongoing challenges in maintaining stability and security within the country.

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