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    “Report: Pakistan’s X Services Restored After 39-Hour Outage “


    Elon Musk's X Services Restored in Pakistan After 39-Hour Outage: ARY News

    In a recent development reported by ARY News, the services of the renowned micro-blogging platform X, formerly known as Twitter, have been successfully restored in Pakistan following a 39-hour disruption.

    The outage, which commenced at 9 pm on February 17, left users across Pakistan encountering difficulties accessing tweets and new posts on the platform. Numerous attempts to load the site resulted in a ‘this site can’t be reached’ notification, exacerbating frustrations among users., a real-time internet and social media outage monitoring service, documented a significant surge in reports of X outages during the downtime. Reports escalated from 185 at 9:01 pm to 239 by 9:24 pm, reflecting the widespread impact of the outage and amplifying users’ concerns.

    The situation garnered attention from cybersecurity watchdog NetBlocks, which verified the shutdown of X in Pakistan. This incident adds to a series of recent internet service disruptions, including popular social media platforms, within the country.

    Of particular note is the timing of the outage amidst the context of the 2024 general elections in Pakistan, where access to online platforms is crucial for communication and information dissemination.

    This is not the first time X has experienced a widespread outage. In May 2023, the platform faced a global disruption, eliciting complaints from users worldwide. The recurrence of such incidents underscores the importance of reliable internet infrastructure and the potential implications of disruptions on users’ access to information and communication.

    As X services are restored in Pakistan, users can now resume their online activities on the platform, albeit with heightened awareness of the fragility of internet services and the need for robust measures to mitigate future disruptions.

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