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    “Report Reveals Beijing’s 300+ Hours Below Freezing Since 1951”


    Beijing Faces Historic Cold Wave, Registers Over 300 Hours of Sub-Zero Temperatures

    Beijing has encountered an unprecedented cold wave, marking the longest period of sub-zero temperatures since record-keeping began in 1951, as reported by CNN. The chilling weather conditions have led to numerous challenges, including disruptions to the city’s metro system.

    The frigid spell persisted for days, with temperatures at Beijing’s Nanjiao weather station finally rising above zero degrees Celsius on Sunday afternoon. State media outlet Beijing Daily highlighted that this moment marked the first instance of temperatures climbing above freezing in several consecutive days.

    Since December 11, when the mercury initially plunged below zero degrees, Beijing has endured a staggering 300-plus hours below that threshold, according to Beijing Daily. This extended cold spell has significantly impacted the region and tested the heating capabilities of several cities across northern China.

    The widespread cold wave sweeping through China caused strain on heating systems, leading to notable system failures in the central province of Henan, as reported by CNN. In Jiaozuo, a malfunction at the Wanfang power plant resulted in a partial halt to heating services, while in Puyang and Pingdingshan, heating was curtailed for government buildings and state-owned enterprises. These measures aimed to prioritize heating resources for critical facilities like hospitals, schools, and residential complexes.

    Beijing’s transportation infrastructure faced challenges due to the icy conditions, with the city’s metro system experiencing issues. A recent incident involved a collision between two trains on a busy metro line, sending numerous commuters to hospitals. Dozens suffered fractures in the aftermath of the collision, highlighting the dangers posed by wintry conditions to daily commuting.

    Additionally, the harsh weather conditions impeded rescue operations following a fatal earthquake in northwest Gansu province earlier this month. The bitter temperatures hampered relief efforts, underscoring the multifaceted impact of the ongoing cold spell across various regions of China.

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