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    Resident of Malabar Hill Sends Mercedes Cars for ‘Free Service,’ Discovers Vehicles Listed for Sale in Pune


    "Fake Sales Executive Swindles Malabar Hill Resident: Mercedes Cars Put Up for Sale in Pune"

    A man impersonating a sales executive from a car showroom in Mumbai managed to deceive a real estate developer residing in Malabar Hill, leading to the theft of two Mercedes cars that were subsequently put up for sale in Pune. The accused, identified as Mohammed Iqbal Qayyum Siddiqui, is currently on the run while a case has been registered against him. Although the cars have been recovered, efforts are underway to apprehend the suspect.

    The Malabar Hill police have initiated legal proceedings against the man who posed as a sales executive from a reputable automobile showroom. The imposter approached the real estate developer, Nilesh Pavitralal Mehta, 78, claiming to represent Mercedes Auto-Hangar Showroom and Service Centre in Opera House. Siddiqui lured Mehta by offering free denting, painting, and servicing for his loyal customers.

    On August 7, Siddiqui visited Mehta’s residence on L D Ruparel Marg in Malabar Hill and gained his trust. He took away Mehta’s Mercedes GLE 250, one of the two cars owned by Mehta. Siddiqui even managed to obtain the original papers and duplicate keys for the vehicle, claiming they were necessary for scanning purposes. The next day, he returned and convinced Mehta to hand over his second car, a Mercedes C-300, along with its papers and duplicate keys, under the pretext of similar free servicing.

    Siddiqui promised Mehta that both vehicles would be returned within four working days. However, when Mehta followed up on the status of his cars, Siddiqui provided vague responses and postponed the delivery date. Suspicion arose when Mehta received a call from an auto dealer inquiring about the cars and their price. The dealer revealed that both vehicles were in Pune’s Baner area and that Siddiqui had taken an advance commission of ₹50,000 for the cars’ sale.

    Realizing the deception, Mehta promptly filed a complaint at the Malabar Hill police station. A case under section 420 (cheating) of the Indian Penal Code was registered against Siddiqui, who has a history of similar fraudulent activities. Authorities are currently in pursuit of the accused, with police teams deployed in Pune for his arrest.

    Mehta expressed relief that his cars were recovered and thanked the police for their efforts. Both vehicles are presently parked at the Malabar Hill police station compound. Despite the convincing nature of the imposter’s scheme, Mehta cautioned others to remain vigilant against such frauds. Police are confident in their pursuit of Siddiqui and are determined to bring him to justice for his deceitful actions.

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