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    “Russia Reports Shooting Down Four Long-Range Missiles Sent by US to Ukraine”


    Russia Claims Downing of US-Made Missiles Supplied to Ukraine

    In a recent development, Russia has reported downing four US-made ATACMS long-range missiles that were supplied to Ukraine over the Moscow-annexed Crimean peninsula. The defence ministry in Moscow stated that it had “foiled” a night attack but did not specify if any damage resulted from the falling debris.

    This incident comes after the United States confirmed in April that it had delivered these missiles to Ukraine, which had been advocating for their use against targets beyond the front lines. The newer versions of these missiles, with a range of up to 300 kilometres (190 miles), were intended to enhance Ukraine’s capabilities in the conflict.

    Despite Ukraine’s use of ATACMS missiles against Russia earlier in October, Russia maintains that these missiles will not significantly alter the conflict’s outcome. Ukrainian forces have faced challenges with ammunition shortages, partly due to delays in US deliveries that were only resolved last month after Congress approved an aid package.

    The situation underscores the ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine, with military capabilities and international support playing critical roles in the conflict dynamics.

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