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    Sanskriti Tiwari Crowned Miss Universal Grand India 2024.


    Sanskriti Tiwari Crowned Miss Universal Grand India 2024.

    In a spectacular event organized by the Miss Cosmos Queen India Org., Sanskriti Tiwari from Panipat was crowned as the winner of Miss Universal Grand India 2024. The prestigious title was bestowed upon her by Miss Cosmos Queen India 2024, Paridhi Sharma in the presence of India’s national director and celebrity stylist Serena Khat. Sanskriti will now represent India at the Miss Universal Grand 2024 by international Pageant Director Mr Chris Albert Santos in Colombia this July.

    At just 22 years old, Sanskriti has a diverse range of hobbies, including dancing, singing, swimming, and traveling. Beyond her passion for these activities, she is also an entrepreneur, running her own successful jewelry brand, Sansh by Sanskriti Tiwari, which offers a stunning range of ethnic jewelry.

    Reflecting on her victory, Sanskriti shared, “Winning the Miss Universal Grand India pageant is an extraordinarily emotional and gratifying moment for me. Representing India has always been the dream closest to my heart, a passion that has defined my journey. When I was 12 years old, I dreamt of being called ‘India.’ Growing up, I realized that I didn’t even meet the height criteria for pageantry, which seemed like an unconquerable barrier. However, my love for the stage and my country never wavered. I have faced numerous challenges, learned invaluable lessons, and grown stronger with each setback.”

    She added, “Today, as I prepare to represent India on the international stage, I am overwhelmed with pride and gratitude. This victory is not just a personal milestone, it symbolizes the culmination of my unwavering dedication and the realization of a lifelong dream. To finally wear ‘India’ across my chest is an honor that fills me with immense joy and a profound sense of responsibility.”

    Excited about the upcoming Miss Universal Grand Pageant, Sanskriti said, “I am truly living the dream of embodying the essence of India, a journey that fills my heart with unparalleled excitement and gratitude. To experience this extraordinary moment, once merely my imagination, is beyond words. As I anticipate the forthcoming Miss Universal Grand Pageant, I am overwhelmed with excitement, knowing it will be a spectacle of grandeur. Beyond the glitz and glamour, lies a heartfelt longing to forge connections with queens from every corner of the world, to share in their stories, and to celebrate the beauty of diversity. My heart swells with anticipation to proudly roar for India and bring glory to my country.”

    Miss Cosmos Queen India stands as India’s first-ever all-inclusive beauty pageant, promoting diversity and inclusivity within the beauty industry.

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