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    “Shocking Video: Man Attacks Judge in Las Vegas Courtroom”


    Man Attacks Judge in Las Vegas Courtroom, Triggers Chaos and Arrest

    A shocking and violent incident unfolded in a Las Vegas courtroom as 30-year-old Deobra Redden, denied probation during his sentencing, leaped over the judge’s bench, launching a brutal attack on Clark District Court Judge Mary Kay Holthus. The chaos, captured on video, sent shockwaves through the courtroom on Wednesday.

    Redden, facing a sentencing hearing for pleading guilty to attempted battery with substantial bodily harm, faced denial of probation by Judge Holthus due to his extensive criminal history. “I think it’s time he got a taste of something else because I just can’t with that history,” remarked the judge moments before the unexpected attack.

    In a matter of seconds, Redden vaulted over the bench, landing on the judge and subjecting her to repeated punches while unleashing expletives. Amid the commotion, court officers and security personnel rushed to intervene, eventually subduing Redden, who faced charges of battery on a protected person for assaulting the judge and court officers.

    Despite the tumultuous encounter, Judge Holthus, though injured, did not require hospitalization. However, her condition remains under observation. Additionally, a court marshal sustained injuries and was hospitalized but reported to be in stable condition.

    Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson commended the courageous response of the judge’s staff, law enforcement, and others who intervened. “Thank God the judge is okay. Thank God for the heroic efforts of those who came to her aid,” stated Wolfson, emphasizing the severity of Redden’s violent behavior and hinting at the imminent consequences.

    The incident sheds light on Redden’s criminal past, including prior imprisonment for attempted theft in 2015 and a 2021 conviction for domestic battery, as documented by Nevada Department of Corrections records.

    The Las Vegas District Court expressed commitment to bolstering courthouse security, reviewing protocols to ensure the safety of judiciary, personnel, and the public. “We are reviewing all our [security measures] and will do whatever is necessary to protect the judiciary, the public, and our employees,” the District Court affirmed.

    This startling event underscores the vulnerability of courtrooms and the need for enhanced safety measures, prompting a reassessment of security protocols to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

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