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    “Singapore Greenlights Silkworms and Grasshoppers Among 16 Insects for Human Eating”


    Singapore Greenlights 16 Insects for Human Consumption, Restaurants Prepare Insect-infused Menus

    Singapore has taken a groundbreaking step in culinary innovation by approving 16 species of insects for human consumption, marking a significant development for both the food industry and consumers eager to explore new gastronomic horizons.

    The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) announced on Monday the approval of various insects, including crickets, mealworms, grasshoppers, locusts, and silkworms, for use in food products and animal feed. This decision comes after thorough assessments to ensure these insects meet stringent safety standards.

    “With immediate effect, SFA will allow the import of insects and insect products deemed to be of low regulatory concern,” the agency stated in a circular addressed to processed food and animal feed traders. This move allows suppliers and caterers to source insects from regulated farms in countries like China, Thailand, and Vietnam.

    Strict guidelines mandate that all imported or locally farmed insects must comply with rigorous food safety controls, emphasizing that they are not harvested from the wild. Insects not included in the approved list of 16 species will undergo further evaluation to ascertain their safety for human consumption.

    Furthermore, companies selling pre-packaged food containing insects must clearly label their products as such. Non-compliance with food safety regulations will result in the prohibition of sale.

    Restaurants and cafes across Singapore are eagerly preparing to introduce insect-infused dishes to their menus, anticipating increased sales and customer interest. Francis Ng, chief executive of House of Seafood restaurant, revealed plans to incorporate insects into over 30 dishes, including seafood specialties like salted egg crab.

    “We’ve been receiving numerous inquiries daily about our insect-based dishes, particularly from adventurous young customers under 30 who are excited to try something new,” Ng commented. “Our menu will offer a variety of options, showcasing whole insects to meet the preferences of our daring clientele.”

    The approval of insects for human consumption in Singapore not only represents a culinary milestone but also reflects evolving consumer tastes and environmental considerations. As the industry gears up to embrace this new culinary frontier, it remains to be seen how widespread the adoption of insect-based foods will become among Singaporeans and international visitors alike.

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