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    South Africa’s ANC Rejects Calls for President Ramaphosa’s Resignation Amid Coalition Talks


    South Africa's ANC Rejects Calls for President Ramaphosa's Resignation Amid Coalition Talks

    In a significant political development, South Africa’s African National Congress (ANC) has firmly rejected demands for President Cyril Ramaphosa to step down as a condition for coalition talks with potential partners. This stance was emphasized by ANC secretary-general Fikile Mbalula, marking a pivotal moment as the country navigates through post-election negotiations.

    The ANC, which has been the dominant political force in South Africa since the end of apartheid, recently faced a setback in the elections, losing its 30-year majority. Despite this, the party remains steadfast in its support for Ramaphosa’s leadership, making it clear that any calls for his resignation as a prerequisite for coalition discussions are non-negotiable.

    Mbalula reiterated that President Ramaphosa would continue to lead the ANC and that the party is open to engaging with all political entities to form a stable government that reflects the will of the people. However, he emphasized that no party would be allowed to dictate terms to the ANC in these talks.

    While acknowledging the election results and the ANC’s diminished majority, Mbalula emphasized that the party was not ousted and remains committed to serving the interests of the South African people. He stressed the importance of stability and unity in the government formation process.

    The emergence of the MK Party, led by former President Jacob Zuma, as a significant player in the election with 14% of the vote has added complexity to the coalition landscape. The MK Party has made it clear that it will only engage in coalition talks if Ramaphosa resigns from both the ANC leadership and the presidency.

    Despite these challenges, Mbalula expressed the ANC’s willingness to engage with all parties, including potential partners like the Democratic Alliance, in order to establish a government that can effectively govern and address the needs of the nation.

    As South Africa enters a phase of intense negotiations and discussions to form a coalition government for the first time, the political landscape remains dynamic, with key decisions shaping the country’s future trajectory.

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