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    “SpiceJet Passenger Gets Stuck in Plane Toilet: Video Reveals Ordeal”


    "SpiceJet Passenger Endures Ordeal Trapped in Plane Toilet as Door Malfunctions"

    A SpiceJet flight from Mumbai to Bengaluru turned into a harrowing experience for a passenger who found himself stuck in the airplane’s washroom due to a malfunctioning door lock. The 25-second video clip, obtained by NDTV, captures the passenger’s ordeal as he remained confined to the cramped toilet for over an hour.

    The video shows the passenger attempting to push the door open while someone from outside tries to move the door knob, ultimately revealing that the door is stuck due to a lock malfunction. With the washroom door locked, the passenger resorted to using the commode lid as a makeshift seat for the remainder of the flight.

    SpiceJet has expressed regret over the incident and issued an apology to the affected passenger. Additionally, the airline announced that the passenger would receive a full refund on his airfare as a gesture of goodwill.

    The cousin of the trapped passenger shared concerns about the airline’s negligence in ensuring passenger safety. Despite an email from the airline offering a compensation of ₹5,000, the family expressed dissatisfaction, questioning the adequacy of the compensation in light of the airline’s apparent fault.

    During the ordeal, the SpiceJet crew slid a note under the locked bathroom door, assuring the passenger that efforts were made to open the door and requesting him to stay calm. The note, which has gone viral on social media, informed the passenger that the plane was landing shortly and an engineer would attend to the malfunctioning door.

    The passenger was eventually rescued upon the plane’s landing in Bengaluru, after being confined for over an hour. SpiceJet confirmed that immediate medical attention was provided to the passenger following the incident.

    In a statement, SpiceJet acknowledged the malfunction in the lavatory door lock, expressing regret for the unfortunate situation. The airline detailed that throughout the journey, the crew assisted and guided the trapped passenger, and upon arrival, an engineer promptly unlocked the lavatory door.

    This incident adds to recent challenges faced by airline service providers, with winter conditions causing flight delays and passengers expressing dissatisfaction with communication and assistance. The entrapment on the SpiceJet flight underscores the importance of ensuring passenger safety and highlights the need for thorough pre-flight checks to avoid such traumatic experiences.

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