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    Station91: Revolutionizing the Investment Experience
    for the Next Generation


    Station91, a new community-driven financial services company

    Station91, a new community-driven financial services company, has launched its
    platform with a mission to empower the next generation of investors to achieve financial
    freedom through a powerful social experience. The company aims to bridge the gap
    between young investors and the world of finance, which has long been dominated by
    big-name institutions.
    The platform is designed to meet the needs of new generations of investors who trust
    their peer groups or finance expert’s more than established financial institutions. By
    merging community and investing, Station91 provides a simple and sticky product that
    helps beginners start stock investing with their trusted network.
    “Current platforms are not built for new generations of investors. There is a huge barrier
    to entry for young investors. That’s the main reason that retail investing adoption is just
    1-2% in India,” said a spokesperson for Station91.
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    The platform is the world’s first social livestream platform purpose-built for the next
    generation of investors and financial content creators. It offers the content, community,
    and collaboration necessary to become an expert. In an era where everything is an
    asset and everyone is an investor, Station91 is dedicated to a future where anyone can
    Stream, Chat and Trade their way to financial independence.

    “Our GTM (Go-To-Market) is focused on enabling finance experts to run their
    communities on the app and share credible advice. We formed a collective of seasoned
    investors/traders (our “Creators”) who specialize in different asset classes/strategies.
    They share their trades, analysis, and content with new retail investors on the platform
    in real-time through investment clubs,” added the spokesperson.
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    To use Station91, investors or beginners can download the app and register in a few
    easy steps. The platform allows users to connect their existing portfolio or make a new
    broker account with the broker directly or via Station91. They can join expert-led clubs
    or make their own with friends to track performance or compete in the leaderboard to
    win cash prizes. Station91 also offers a Demo Money feature for those who want to
    learn and build a profitable strategy or try investing without risking real money.
    “The experts are verified, and we do our due diligence in terms of the knowledge they
    possess, the community they drive, and if they are the right fit to run a premium or free
    club,” said the spokesperson.

    The platform’s multiplayer investing experience is designed to appeal to the new
    generation of investors who are looking for a more interactive and engaging approach to

    “With Station91, we are building the investing app of the future by enabling a multiplayer
    investing experience for the new generation of investors. We believe this will be a
    game-changer in the world of finance,” concluded the spokesperson.
    Station91 is now available for download on both Android and iOS.
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