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    “Stella Assange Criticizes Pompeo’s ‘Dangerous’ Plot Against WikiLeaks Founder, Condemns UK’s Alignment with US”


    Stella Assange, wife of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, has unleashed scathing criticism against former CIA Director Mike Pompeo and the UK government amid her husband’s ongoing extradition battle with the United States. Speaking on Tucker Carlson’s show “Uncensored on X” after a crucial two-day hearing regarding Julian Assange’s potential extradition, Stella Assange condemned both the US and UK for what she perceives as dangerous actions and biases against her husband.

    During the interview, Stella Assange vehemently criticized Mike Pompeo, labeling him as a “dangerous individual within the CIA” and accusing the agency of discussing the possibility of assassinating her husband during Pompeo’s tenure as CIA Director under the Trump administration. She described the CIA as a “rogue organization” capable of fabricating information, conducting propaganda warfare, and even plotting assassinations.

    Stella Assange also expressed her concerns regarding the UK government’s stance on the extradition proceedings, asserting that a decision in favor of the US would pose a significant risk to Julian Assange’s safety. She accused the UK of acting as a “lap dog” to the US and emphasized the urgent need for intervention from the European Court of Human Rights to prevent her husband’s extradition.

    The interview with Stella Assange comes amidst a critical juncture in Julian Assange’s legal battle. Having spent nearly five years in London’s Belmarsh Prison, Assange faces potential extradition to the US over allegations of espionage. His legal team has argued vehemently against extradition, citing concerns of a “flagrant denial of justice” should he be sent to the US.

    Tucker Carlson, who conducted the interview with Stella Assange, recently visited the prison where Julian Assange is being held. During the interview, Carlson questioned Assange about his motivations for disclosing classified information, to which Assange allegedly responded with a casual remark, saying “it was fun.”

    As the extradition hearing concludes, Julian Assange’s fate remains uncertain. Two High Court justices have announced that they will take time to deliberate on their decision, leaving Assange and his supporters anxiously awaiting the outcome. With the possibility of extradition looming, Stella Assange’s impassioned plea for justice and condemnation of perceived injustices by both the US and UK governments adds to the complexity of Assange’s already convoluted legal saga.

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