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    The worlds most advanced technique to memories what you Learnt- DR P YUVARAJ


    STEP:- 1

    Take a word or a sentence. Now read out the sentence or a paragraph or an answer out loud so that you can hear the answer. Now create or visualize a air bubble building inside your brain.

    STEP:- 2

    After creating the air bubble imagine that the air bubble is coming out from your mouth and staying still in the air with you. Now just imagine a needle or a nail or any sharp thorny substance, now make a small hole into the air bubble.

    Step:- 3

    After creating the hole in the bubble read the answer out loud and imagine that the answer is going into the air bubble. Now after the answer settled inside the air bubble close the air bubble.

    STEP:- 4

    After closing the air bubble visualize the bubble entering into you’re mouth to your brain( just grab the air bubble and eat it and imagine  the bubble going into your brain.

    STEP:- 5

    Do this same process for every answer and every subject, as your brain has infinite storage you can add infinite number of air bubbles.

    STEP:- 6

    Now comes the tricky part….

    So on the day of the examination we need to speak with our brain after seeing the question paper. Now you’re brain gets confused like it says im not able to find the answer as I have many bubbles stored in it.

    Right now you don’t need to pa , just say you’re brain that hey brain be cool just take you’re time I know there are many answers inside you so just take you’re time. Now you’re brain gets comfortable and it starts searching the answer.

    STEP:- 7

    After a while lie few second or minutes you will absolutely find the answer, once you find the answer brig that air bubble to the space youre in ( bring the answered air bubble through your mouth and let it stay in the air beside you}

    Now blast the air bubble and you will be hearing the answer of your voice which you have stored in the air bubble.

    Many People who have secured their place in JEE, NEET, and many more public exams has used this technique and successfully cracked their exams.

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