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    “Tragic Landslides Claim Lives of 9, Including 3 Children, in Nepal”


    Tragic Landslides Claim Lives of 9, Including 3 Children, in Nepal Amid Monsoon Rains

    Nepal faced devastating losses as heavy monsoon rains triggered landslides across several districts, claiming the lives of at least nine people, including three children. The incidents underscore the annual peril faced by the mountainous region during the monsoon season, which routinely brings landslides, floods, and other natural disasters.

    According to Dizan Bhattarai, spokesperson for the National Disaster Rescue and Reduction Management Authority, the worst-hit areas included Malika village in Gulmi district, about 250 km west of Kathmandu. In Malika, a landslide swept away a house where five family members were sleeping, resulting in the tragic deaths of all five individuals, including two children. Bhattarai confirmed that recovery efforts have retrieved all bodies from the debris.

    In Syangja district, adjacent to Gulmi, another landslide claimed the lives of a woman and her three-year-old daughter after their home was engulfed. Similarly, in Baglung district, two individuals lost their lives in a separate landslide incident.

    The toll from these recent landslides adds to a grim statistic for Nepal this monsoon season, with at least 35 reported fatalities due to landslides, floods, and lightning strikes since mid-June. Monsoon rains are expected to persist until mid-September, further heightening concerns for vulnerable communities in Nepal’s mountainous regions.

    Landslides and flash floods are recurrent hazards in Nepal’s rugged terrain during the monsoon, posing significant risks to lives, infrastructure, and livelihoods. Authorities and disaster response teams continue to be on high alert, emphasizing preparedness and mitigation efforts to minimize further casualties and provide relief to affected communities.

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