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    Trump Supporters Launch $355 Million GoFundMe Campaign in Wake of NY Fraud Verdict


    In response to the recent verdict ordering former President Donald Trump to pay hefty fines to the state of New York, his supporters have rallied behind him with a massive fundraising effort. Just hours after Justice Arthur Engoron’s ruling, a GoFundMe campaign titled “Stand With Trump” emerged, aiming to raise $355 million to cover what they deem as an “unjust judgment.”

    The campaign, spearheaded by Elena Cardone, wife of real estate investor and influencer Grant Cardone, has garnered significant attention despite its controversial nature. Elena, describing herself as a staunch supporter of American values and justice, voiced unwavering support for Trump, attributing the legal challenges he faces to what she perceives as biased judicial elements in New York.

    In her campaign description, Elena lauds Trump’s presidency, emphasizing his dedication to defending the nation’s freedoms and principles. Despite initial skepticism surrounding the fundraiser, donations quickly poured in, with 921 contributions received at the time of writing, totaling $34,797.

    However, not all Trump supporters are endorsing the GoFundMe initiative. Far-right activist Laura Loomer cautioned against donating through the platform, citing its alleged liberal bias and history of banning conservative campaigns. Instead, Loomer suggested utilizing alternative fundraising platforms like GiveSendGo.

    Grant Cardone, in response to Loomer’s concerns, reiterated the importance of standing together against what he perceives as unjust rulings and a corrupt legal system. He assured donors that all funds raised would be forwarded to the Trump Organization to aid in its defense against what he deems a “ridiculous judgment.” Grant emphasized the potential repercussions of the ruling, warning that if upheld, it could jeopardize the assets of Trump and his organization.

    The emergence of the GoFundMe campaign underscores the continued fervent support for Trump among his base, even in the face of legal challenges and controversy. As the fundraising effort gains momentum, it remains to be seen how much financial backing it will ultimately receive and what impact it may have on Trump’s legal battles moving forward.

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