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    “Turkey Suspends Trade with Israel Over Palestinian “Violence””


    Turkey Halts Trade with Israel Over Gaza Violence

    Turkey has announced a halt to all trade activities with Israel in response to what it perceives as “non-stop violence” against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. This decision follows Turkey’s earlier imposition of export restrictions on various product groups to Israel, which Ankara stated would continue until a ceasefire in Gaza is achieved.

    The Turkish Trade Ministry cited ongoing “massacre, humanitarian catastrophe, and physical destruction” caused by Israel as the basis for its actions. The ministry expressed frustration over Israel’s alleged disregard for international ceasefire efforts and its obstruction of humanitarian aid to Gaza.

    “It is observed that the Israeli government continues its aggressive behavior and the humanitarian tragedy in Palestine worsens,” stated the Ministry.

    As part of the second phase of measures, Turkey has suspended export and import transactions with Israel for all products until further notice. The Ministry emphasized its commitment to implementing these measures strictly until the Israeli government allows uninterrupted and sufficient humanitarian aid to reach Gaza.

    In coordination with Palestinian authorities, Turkey aims to mitigate the impact of these trade restrictions on the Palestinian people living under occupation.

    Trade between Turkey and Israel was significant, amounting to $6.8 billion in 2023, with Turkish exports making up 76% of the total, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute.

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