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    “UK MP’s Resignation Letter Accuses Rishi Sunak of Leading ‘Zombie Parliament'”


    "UK MP's Resignation Letter Blasts Prime Minister Rishi Sunak; Accuses Him of Abandoning Conservatism"

    Former culture minister Nadine Dorries, a prominent ally of former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has officially resigned, delivering a scathing critique of her successor in a strongly-worded resignation letter. Dorries, who had announced her intention to resign 11 weeks ago, had remained a member of parliament while investigating the reasons behind her exclusion from a seat in the upper house of parliament.

    In the resignation letter, Dorries did not hold back, accusing Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of forsaking “the fundamental principles of Conservatism” and warning that “history will not judge you kindly.” The departure of Dorries, known for her alignment with Boris Johnson’s policies, marks a notable shift within the Conservative Party.

    Dorries was notably absent from Johnson’s resignation honours list, in which outgoing prime ministers typically reward key political allies. The omission led to speculation about Sunak and Downing Street’s involvement, with accusations of political interference emerging from Johnson’s camp.

    Dorries took to social media to release her resignation letter, where she criticized Sunak for orchestrating personal attacks against her, which escalated to police involvement due to threats. She characterized these attacks as emblematic of the government’s declining standards.

    Furthermore, Dorries criticized Sunak’s record in government, remarking, “Since you took office a year ago, the country is run by a zombie parliament where nothing meaningful has happened.” She further asserted that Sunak lacked a mandate from the people, and the government appeared adrift under his leadership.

    The controversy over the resignation honours list in June led to the resignations of both Nigel Adams and Boris Johnson as MPs. This series of events has been interpreted by political observers as a form of political retribution from Johnson towards Sunak for his role in Johnson’s exit from office in the wake of the “Partygate” scandal and other controversies.

    Dorries’ departure from the Conservative Party puts Sunak’s leadership under scrutiny and raises the prospect of a potential by-election in her constituency, possibly in the coming weeks. Despite the challenging political landscape, Dorries’ significant majority in her constituency might present a formidable obstacle for the opposition Labour Party.

    As the Conservative Party navigates the aftermath of Dorries’ resignation and contemplates its implications, the internal dynamics within the party continue to evolve in anticipation of the forthcoming general election.

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