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    “Understanding the US House’s Approval of the Antisemitism Awareness Act”


    On Wednesday, the US House of Representatives passed the Antisemitism Awareness Act, aiming to broaden the definition of antisemitism in national discourse amidst rising unrest on college campuses.

    Led by Representatives Mike Lawler and Josh Gottheimer and supported by a bipartisan coalition, the bill received a resounding 320-91 vote in favor. Lawler emphasized the historical persecution faced by the Jewish community, stating, “In every generation, the Jewish people have been scapegoated, harassed, evicted from their homeland, and murdered.”

    The “Antisemitism Awareness Act,” initially endorsed unanimously by both parties in October of last year, gained heightened significance following a deadly Hamas attack that sparked reports of antisemitism across US universities. The Act mandates the Department of Education to adopt the definition of antisemitism outlined in the resolution on the Holocaust.

    The definition of antisemitism includes a certain perception of Jews expressed as hatred toward them, along with specific examples of antisemitic behavior, including rhetoric commonly found on college campuses.

    A notable addition to the new definition is the recognition of denying Jewish self-determination in Israel as a form of antisemitism. Colleges failing to adequately protect Jewish students under this definition could face civil rights enforcement.

    However, some Democratic lawmakers, such as Rep. Jerry Nadler, voiced concerns about potential limitations on free speech. Nadler, who is Jewish himself, cautioned against a narrow definition of antisemitism that might impede legitimate discourse.

    The recent surge in antisemitic incidents on nearly 30 campuses, particularly linked to events in the Gaza region, has underscored the urgency of addressing antisemitism in educational settings.

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