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    “US Calls for New Gaza Cease-Fire, Netanyahu Disagrees on ‘Decisive Moment'”


    US Proposes Fresh Gaza Cease-Fire as 'Decisive Moment,' Netanyahu Disagrees

    The United States has put forward a new proposal for a Gaza cease-fire, signaling a potential turning point in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. The proposal, aimed at halting the fighting for at least six weeks, has been described by President Joe Biden as a “decisive moment” in the quest for peace in the region.

    President Biden emphasized that Hamas has been significantly weakened, making it unable to carry out attacks like the one on October 7 that sparked the current war. He urged Hamas to accept the cease-fire deal, stating, “Hamas says it wants a cease-fire. Hamas needs to take the deal.”

    However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not changed his conditions for ending the war. His office issued a stern statement, reiterating the need for the destruction of Hamas’s military capabilities, the release of all hostages, and ensuring Gaza poses no threat to Israel. Netanyahu emphasized that a permanent cease-fire without meeting these conditions is not an option.

    Hamas, designated a terrorist organization by the US and EU, has expressed readiness to consider a proposal based on an indefinite cessation of hostilities and a complete Israeli withdrawal from Gaza. The group also called for the return of displaced Gazans and a prisoner exchange deal if Israel commits explicitly to these terms.

    Despite the US’s optimism and efforts to broker a deal accepted by both sides, significant differences remain. Negotiations have been ongoing through mediators from Qatar and Egypt, but previous attempts at a cease-fire have failed.

    The proposed agreement outlined by Biden includes phased steps, starting with a six-week cease-fire and progressing towards a comprehensive reconstruction plan. However, challenges persist, including tensions within Israel’s government and differing expectations between the parties involved.

    The international community, including the United Nations, has endorsed the framework, recognizing the urgency of ending the conflict that has claimed thousands of lives and exacerbated humanitarian crises.

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