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    “US Conducts Trial of Hypersonic Missile with 30-Minute Strike Capability on Moscow”


    US Conducts Successful Hypersonic Missile Test in Collaboration with Space Force

    In a significant display of military capabilities, the United States Air Force, in collaboration with Space Force guardians, recently conducted a successful test launch of an unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California. This launch, aimed at validating the safety, security, effectiveness, and readiness of the weapon system, marks a strategic milestone in the nation’s defence efforts.

    The launch, which took place early Tuesday morning, involved the unarmed missile equipped with a single test reentry vehicle. The missile blasted off at 12:56 AM Pacific Time, leaving a fiery trail across the sky north of Santa Barbara. Air Force Global Strike Command, tasked with maintaining the country’s nuclear deterrent, oversaw the operation in collaboration with Space Force guardians.

    According to officials, the test launch program plays a crucial role in “validating and verifying the safety, security, effectiveness, and readiness of the weapon system.” The Minuteman III travelled approximately 4,200 miles at speeds exceeding 15,000 mph, reaching its designated target zone near the Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands, as reported by

    Colonel Mark Shoemaker, Space Launch Delta 30 commander, emphasized the importance of such test launches in safeguarding the nation’s defence. He stated, “Vandenberg Guardians and Airmen are committed to supporting our mission partners and these vitally important test launches from the Western Range.”

    This successful test launch comes after a previous attempt in February 2024 was postponed due to necessary repairs at the Reagan Test Site. Colonel Chris Cruise, 377th Test and Evaluation Group commander, explained, “This summer’s test launch was already scheduled, so it made sense to do them both while all the necessary personnel were in place.”

    The consistent testing and validation of the ICBM system are essential components of ensuring its effectiveness, readiness, and accuracy, aligning with the nation’s strategic defence priorities. This successful test reinforces the United States’ commitment to maintaining a robust and reliable defence posture in an evolving global security landscape.

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