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    “US Evacuates Citizens from Haiti Amid Escalating Gang Violence”


    First Flight of US Citizens Escaping Haiti's Gang Violence Lands in Miami

    A charter flight carrying over 30 U.S. citizens fleeing escalating gang violence in Haiti touched down in Miami on Sunday, marking the first evacuation of Americans amid the turmoil gripping the Caribbean nation. The U.S. State Department facilitated the government-chartered flight in response to the deteriorating security situation in Haiti, where gang attacks have ravaged the country in recent weeks.

    Haiti’s main airport in Port-au-Prince remains closed due to the ongoing violence, leaving many stranded and prompting urgent evacuation efforts. The U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince had earlier issued advisories urging American citizens to leave Haiti as chaos and instability engulfed the nation.

    Avlot Quessa, a passenger on the charter flight from Boston, described the dire conditions in Haiti, stating, “It’s just terrible… The suffering, you can only imagine.” Quessa’s sentiments echoed the sentiments of many who witnessed the devastation caused by the violence and looting that have pushed Haiti to the brink of a humanitarian crisis.

    The State Department announced plans to offer limited charter flights for American citizens from the relatively calmer northern city of Cap-Haïtien. However, ground transportation to Cap-Haïtien was not provided, and citizens were advised to assess the safety of reaching the airport independently.

    Marie Lucie St. Fleur, another passenger on the flight from West Palm Beach, expressed her anguish at the situation in Haiti, lamenting, “I don’t feel well at all. I would like to live in my country and I can’t.” The State Department assured that government officials in Miami would assist the evacuees in determining their next steps upon arrival.

    The U.S. military recently deployed additional forces to bolster security at the U.S. Embassy in Haiti, situated in an area heavily influenced by gangs. The evacuation of American citizens reflects the growing concern over the escalating violence and instability in Haiti, with efforts underway to ensure the safety and well-being of those affected by the crisis.

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