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    US Man’s Colon Popped Out After Sneeze, Prompting Emergency Surgery


    In a bizarre turn of events, a 63-year-old man from Florida experienced a medical emergency when his colon “eviscerated” from his body following a forceful sneeze during breakfast at a restaurant. The incident, detailed in a recent report in the New York Post and the American Journal of Medical Case Reports, sheds light on the complexities of post-operative care and unexpected health complications.

    The man, who had previously undergone abdominal surgery and battled prostate cancer, found himself in a critical situation when he sneezed forcefully, leading to a sudden “wet” sensation and pain in his lower abdomen. Upon inspection, he discovered several loops of his pink bowel protruding from the surgical site.

    Acting swiftly, the man covered the exposed intestines with his shirt while his wife called for emergency medical assistance. Paramedics arrived to find an approximately 3-inch vertical laceration with a significant amount of bowel protruding through it. Thankfully, the man had not suffered extensive blood loss, and he was rushed to a nearby hospital for urgent care.

    At the hospital’s Emergency Department, medical teams from the Urology service were immediately consulted. The patient’s vital signs were stable, and pre-operative tests revealed no alarming changes. To address the situation, an exploratory laparotomy was performed after the insertion of a nasogastric tube.

    During the surgery, three surgeons carefully returned the eviscerated bowel to its proper place in the abdominal cavity. They meticulously examined the small bowel for any signs of injury and proceeded to secure the abdomen with a series of figure-of-eight stitches to prevent a recurrence of the issue.

    Following the successful surgical intervention, the patient remained in the hospital for six days and was gradually transitioned back to a normal diet before being discharged. The case serves as a reminder of the unexpected nature of medical emergencies and the importance of prompt and effective medical care in such situations.

    The incident involving the man’s colon evisceration highlights the potential risks associated with post-operative recovery and the need for vigilance in monitoring patients with a history of abdominal surgeries. The swift response of medical professionals and the successful surgical procedure demonstrate the critical role of healthcare teams in managing unforeseen medical challenges.

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