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    “US Strives to Enhance H-1B Visa Process and Address Green Card Delays”


    US Working to Enhance H-1B Visa Process and Address Green Card Backlog

    The United States government, under President Joe Biden’s leadership, is making concerted efforts to streamline the H-1B visa process and alleviate the backlog of green card applications, reaffirming its commitment to improving the country’s legal immigration system.

    The H-1B visa, a vital component of the US immigration framework, permits American companies to hire foreign workers with specialized skills in fields requiring theoretical or technical expertise.

    Addressing concerns during a recent press briefing, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre emphasized the administration’s proactive approach towards enhancing the H-1B visa process and expediting the green card backlog. Highlighting recent developments, Jean-Pierre cited the publication of a final rule by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) aimed at fortifying the integrity of the immigration system and curbing potential fraud associated with H-1B visas.

    Moreover, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has introduced organizational accounts through the myUSCIS platform, facilitating collaboration among multiple individuals within an organization and their legal representatives. This initiative aims to streamline the preparation of H-1B registrations, petitions, and associated paperwork, thereby enhancing efficiency and transparency in the visa application process.

    In line with these efforts, USCIS has announced the commencement of the registration period for the Fiscal Year 2025 H-1B cap, scheduled to begin on March 6. Prospective petitioners are required to utilize USCIS online accounts to electronically register beneficiaries for the selection process and remit the requisite registration fees. Furthermore, USCIS will mandate registrants to furnish valid passport or travel document information for each beneficiary, ensuring accuracy and compliance with visa requirements.

    To support organizations and legal representatives navigating these changes, USCIS has initiated Tech Talks sessions, providing an opportunity for stakeholders to seek clarification and guidance on organizational accounts and online filing procedures.

    As the US government continues to prioritize reforms aimed at enhancing the integrity and efficiency of the immigration system, stakeholders are encouraged to remain engaged and leverage available resources to navigate the evolving landscape of H-1B visa processing and green card adjudication.

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